The Amazingly Different App for Value Investors

In early 2022, we launched our first B2C product called Kurskontrolle in the German, Austrian and Swiss market to give stock investors an easy-to-use tool for a value-oriented stock analysis that was based on many customer interviews.

Checked the KPIs already?

Finding quality companies and bargain prices can be a tricky task. It requires in-depth analysis of company financials. If you want to find the best stocks from several hundreds of companies, then you would have to analyze all of them before making a well informed buying decision. Sounds tedious, doesn’t it?

Value-oriented stock analysis

We want you to find those great stocks that trade at bargain prices in no time. To do so, we have built Kurskontrolle. Kurskontrolle analyzes the stock market on a daily basis based on latest stock quotes and recent financials to find those undervalued stocks that you are looking for as a value investor.

Our mission: Great stocks for less

When the market is bullish it is important as ever to find stocks that sell at bargain prices. On the flipside, if the market is bearish you do not want to mistake any dip as an opportunity. Quality matters as always! You surely do not want to follow each and every hype. Your hard earned money deserves better.

Kurskontrolle helps you stay away from overvalued stocks regardless of the current market situation.

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