The Amazingly Different App for Active Investors

Checked the Kurs already?

“Kontrolle” may sound somewhat familiar to you as it bears similarity to “control”, but you may be wondering what “Kurs” could be? We are not swearing, although sometimes we might want to if the stock chart does not look like we prefer. In a nutshell, “Kurskontrolle” just means to check for the latest stock chart. Yes, Germans are famous for adding words together.

Value-oriented stock analysis

Now let’s get to the meat. Kurskontrolle is our app for finding great stocks at bargain prices. To do so, Kurskontrolle analyzes the stock market on a daily basis based on latest stock quotes and recent financial reports to find undervalued stocks.

Our mission: Great stocks for less

Especially when the market is bullish it is important as ever to find stocks that sell at bargain prices, yet the companies should also be financially sound. You do not want to follow each and every hype. Your hard earned money deserves better! Kurskontrolle helps you stay away from overvalued stocks.

Become a value investor with Kurskontrolle!