✅ Our first mobile app brought value-oriented stock analysis to the fingertips of our customers. We made a hard analytical task described in literature as easy and convenient for our customers as possible. We named our company after the first app that we built for the German market: Kurskontrolle.

✅ With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) we built our second app that brings a creative social media marketing manager at the fingertips of our customers. This app is called Wonderwrite and loved by content creators who want to post regularly but prefer to focus more on their visuals instead of writing the perfect captions themselves. Wonderwrite combines an image recognition AI with a generative AI.

We used our knowledge to build an innovative SaaS platform called maxymetric dedicated to obtaining and analyzing all kinds of customer feedback that will help Product Managers in organizations of any size to build better products. With many years of experience in Product Management as well as designing and building customer-centric mobile apps from scratch based on countless customer interviews, we decided to focus on a SaaS platform that enables Product Managers to do what we have done manually before: gather and understand customer feedback on a large scale that can shape the product strategy and allows you to develop products that customers truly love.

  • maxymetric Funnel – Evaluating the performance of your marketing strategies requires a solid understanding of the conversion rates within every stage of your funnel. The maxymetric Funnel module of our SaaS platform provides all the tools you need to visualize this data in real-time and deploy A/B testing strategies more effectively.
  • maxymetric Feedback – Customer interviews are an important technique to uncover challenges of an existing product. However, pre-defined questions usually only scratch the surface. Therefore, the maxymetric Feedback module of our SaaS platform leverages AI to analyze the initial responses from your customers to generate meaningful follow-up questions that will quickly get to the root cause.
Dr. Simon Lichte
Co-founder and CEO
Kornelius Dridger
Co-founder and CTO

Are you curious how it all started? Enjoy watching the interview with Simon who talks about our first app, Kurskontrolle, that we built for value-oriented stock analysis and how working with an accelerator in Germany helped us grow our startup into a solid company.

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